GBR Senior Mens Team

The mens teams train hard in the UK to be able to go abroad and represent the country at the highest level in International competitions all over the world.
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Name:- Paul Ramsdale


Occupation:- Production Manager Kayaking Equipment

Position in Raft:- Front Left

Favorite River:- Pacu

Years on the water:- 12

About Me:- Started my journey with whitewater in kayak slalom racing. Moved into C2 slalom racing, representing GBR at Under 23 level at the European Championship, 2009. This slalom racing and training took me all across Europe. I then joined the GBR Mens Raft  team in 2011, for the World Champs in Costa Rica.

Best water moment: Winning a silver medal at the 2011 World Championships in the Sprint discipline, and nailing a wicked slalom run in the event Championships.


Name:- Paskell Blackwell (Captain)

Occupation:- Head Raft Guide
Position in Raft:- Front Right
Favorite River:- Kawarau New Zealand as it has so many different sections and different users. There is also some picture perfect class 5+ to get the adrenalin pumping.

Years on the water:- 14

Comments: I enjoy being on the water whatever the activity and I love competiting against other teams and against the elements. I get really excited by seeing different parts of the world so I have been amazed by the path the rafting journey has taken me on.

Best water moment: I think during the world championships this year I have had my best moments on the water. We have really been able to turn all of our winter training into possitive results. It really feels like we are up with the very best and I look forward to future events with a great feeling of belief.

Name:- Ashley Roper

Occupation:- UK Technical Sales Representative

Position in Raft:- Middle Right

Favorite River:- Lipno

Years on the water:- 12

About Me:- Always enjoyed competitive sport and through kayaking found rafting. Started as part of the junior team and moved up to the seniors in 2012 where I competed at the European Rafting Championships.

Best water moment: Paddling at my first junior World Championships in Holland.

Name:- Leo Marshall

Occupation:- Student/Raft Guide

Position in Raft:- Middle Left

Favourite River:- Troja, Prague

Years on the water:- 12

Comments:-  I started kayaking and canoeing aged 10 with my dad and brother. 5 years later i started competing in canoe slalom with my brother in the C2 category. We represented Great Britain in 2008 and 2009. I joined the GB Raft Team in early 2013 and i am enjoying the new challenge and am looking forward to the competitions ahead!


Name:- Steve Hawkins

Occupation:- Raft Guide

Position in Raft:- Middle Left
Favorite River:-Rio Pacure

Years on the water:- 8

About Me:-  I have been paddling slalom competitively since I was 13 and always really enjoyed the challenges of the sport. I decided to take up rafting to push my self to next level. Really looking forward to the opportunity of competing for Great Britain in New Zealand

Best water moment: Paddling at the world championships in Costa Rica with the GB junior team.

Name: Matt Blue

Occupation:- Professional White Water Coach

Position in Raft:- Back Left

Favorite River:-Zambezi

Years on the water:- many!

Best water moment: Walking into the medal ceremony in Austria after the Men and Women had just both won Gold sprint medals, we received a standing ovation from the rest of the competitors and this moment will stay with me forever

Name: Tom Wakeling


Position in Raft:-

Favorite River:-

Years on the water:-

Best water moment:

Name: Gareth Wilson

Occupation: professional sports coach

Position in the raft: Coach

Favourite river:
In terms of coaching memories it has to be the Vrbas in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 2009 Rafting Worlds and 2011 Canoe Slalom Junior Euro Champs. Both events were my first championship events as coach of each sport, they also were the events which I coached rafting and slalom athletes to International medals (Gold, silver and two bronze)

As for paddling memories. I rafted the Pacuare river in Costa Rica in 2011 which was desperately fun: tight, technical and continuous.

Years on the water: 14

Best water moment:
Any moment where I see the team smash a slalom run in training or racing. Seeing six guys working in complete harmony manoeuvring a raft through a series of gates on technical white water is pretty special.

I will never forget the moment I saw guys win Gold at the worlds in 2009. Sharing in their emotion on that day was incredibly special and will always be part of me.



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